First day at the MTC

So, the hardest thing we have ever done happened today.  We had to say good bye to our beautiful Hermana Hong.  She has blessed our lives for 19 years, and now if is time to bring her testimony, love and light to the people of Santa Fe, Argentina.

We were greeted by a pair of sweet sister missionaries who kindly waited while we held on as long as we could, and finally let her begin her journey.

A couple of hours later, we all went to Target for school supplies and my phone buzzed.  We bought a wifi camera for her to useand she was able to send a picture of her and her companion, beautiful Hermana Barlow.  I am so grateful that she has a companion.  That was one of my biggest fears, that she would be a solo sister in the MTC.  My mama’s heart is happy.


And guess what else!!! We just sat down a few minutes ago, and we got a very short email.  This is what she had to say:

“Hola a mis amores.

THE MTC IS AWESOME AND OVERWHELMING. I have felt so much peace since I got dropped off. My companion is named Hermana Barlow, and she is amazing. Perfect MTC companion for me. She is almost 23! I love being a missionary. It has been the most humbling twenty-four hours of my life. God is so good to His missionaries, and He knows our needs so well. The gift of tongues is real too. I have understood EVERYTHING #blessed.
I miss you all so so so much, but I am happier than ever before. I love you all.
My P-day is on Wednesday!!!!!!”
So, way too short, but we are so happy to hear from her tonight… It will be a long wait until next Wednesday, but we can rest knowing that she is happy.  We are so blessed.
Thanks everyone for your support and love.  We love you!




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