Week Seven: “Lift up your voices unto this people;”

“Speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men” (DyC 100:5)

Please excuse any typos. I do not know how to type on this weird keyboard in this little ciber.

FREAKING HECK I AM IN ARGENTINA. It is so loco, but I love it (I think hahaha) I am in this little town called Federal, and I love it. It is very peaceful. Most of the people here work in the fields, so they are all super chill.

Okay, so the flight here was like ten days long, I swear. And then after that we rode on a bus for six hours to get to Santa Fe. Super fun.

My trainer is Hermana Gallagher is from Washington, and speaks English (whoot). She has been here for less than five months, so we both don’t speak Spanish very well (pray for us). Spanish is so hard. Okay not SOOOO hard, but it is hard. I have a hard time understanding the people, which is always a challenge, but I love them. We taught the first lesson yesterday to this cute little Mom and her daughter, and it helped me remember why I’m here and also to have more confidence in my Spanish. IT WENT SO WELL.

Funny story: They have these little like irrigation ditches in front of all the houses, and I accidentally stepped in one on my first day of proselyting, so I walked around with my foot covered in NASTY WATER and dirt and plants for like an hour. SO GREAT. NOT GREAT UGH.

The food here is good, but I don’t know if salads are a thing here. #spinachwithdrawals. #legit.

I love it here! Much love to you all.

Hermana Gallagher is shorter and younger than me, but she is awesome.

2 thoughts on “Week Seven: “Lift up your voices unto this people;”

  1. Lisi, You are amazing!! I love hearing how you are doing!! Your descriptions are the best!! Keep up the good work! My love and prayers are with you!!❤️


  2. Thanks for the pictures! You look so happy….so can you wear pants in your mission ? We still miss you at the temple and I think of you whenever I see your cute Mom and sisters. I know your Spanish will get better….have faith and keep working on it:).
    Love you, Sis Wadley


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