new-companera-hermana-tinsley“Y NO TEMERÉ!” (Isaiah 12:2) Bienvenidos a un nuevo traslado!!!! I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Tinsley, and SHE IS AWESOME!!! I am so excited to get to work. She is from California and loves to cook too, so we are getting along really well so far 🙂 She’s also a pro-missionary. She’s been out for almost ten months, so I am excited to see what I can learn from her. I love her already.  I will miss Hermana Gallagher, and we will be friends always, but she will do great things with a new companion too. My district here in Federal is all different too now.   We had a fiesta though this last week. For our last district meeting, I made corn dogs and the elders made cake, and we ate them yummm. The zone leaders were there too. SO fun. Then we finished the week by eating ice cream and giant hot dogs YES.


This week was crazy because CHRISTMASSSSSSSS. I love Christmas on the mission. It was so special to testify of Christ everyday during this season. It was incredible. My testimony grew so much as I studied His life this Christmas season. I know without a doubt that HE LIVES. He is our Savior. We truly can trust Him with everything.

We also had “divisiones” this week. They came and worked with us here in Federal, and we did WORK. Hermana Jones (a STL) and I went and visited Paula, a 15-year-old investigator, and she is absolutely incredible. When we first met, she was having a lot of struggles with feeling lonely and self-harm, but I shared my testimony and some scriptures our first visit. When we returned to visit with her, it was so easy to see the changes the Gospel already had made in her life. She is so happy now. It is awesome. Anyways. She is awesome. She understands everything, and loves our messages. She also committed to be baptized!!!! YES PAULA.

Here are a list of things I did to celebrate this week:

SUGAR COOKIES: I made some bomb sugar cookies. It took me five hours though, because we don’t have a mixer or a rolling pin, and we only have one cookie sheet type thing. It was an adventure. I made these cookies while Hermana Gallagher was packing LOL. The funny thing is three hours after I finished making the cookies the Elders in my district here gave me a rolling pin as a Christmas present. I cried a little bit, because they are awesome.
We went carolling as a district. We just visited the members, but I loved it. I wasn’t feeling the Christmas Spirit really, until we went carolling on Christmas Eve. I loved it. It reminded me how much I love to sing too. My goal is to sing more in my mission, because music brings the Spirit so quickly. Plus while we were out carolling, we visited a menos activo family, and they gave us the most delicious cake. AND IT WAS GOOOOOOOOD.



After carolling we all went to the house of the Chavez family to eat our Christmas Eve dinner. It was very good and very fun!

yummy food.JPG
Then on Christmas morning I opened all the awesome presents my family sent me. They know me so well. They were all perfect.
Then we went to church and then lunch with our branch president, and he made us this “fruit salad” for desert, and it was the bessssssst. I love fruit. And it was cold. YESSSSS.
The best thing about Christmas though was calling my family. I love them all so much. It was so nice to talk to them. Yes I cried like a baby when I said hello and goodbye, but hey it’s me. Funny thing is I couldn’t remember how to speak English whoops. LOLOLOL.


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