Week 27: “Where, when my aching grows…”

“Where, in my need to know, where can I run?
Where is the quiet hand to calm my anguish?
Who, who can understand?
He, only One” (Where Can I Turn for Peace?).
This week was a bit of a hard week, but not for the normal mission reasons. I had a hard time with my back, and it hasn’t been improving…. So we ended up calling Hermana Perez (mission president’s wife), and she said to go to the doctor. We went to the doctor, and that didn’t help at all. So then PRESIDENT PEREZ called us and said I had to rest for FOUR DAYS (Thursday – Sunday), which means we couldn’t leave the apartment at all…. We did leave to take the sacrament, which was a welcome relief. But then Sunday night, after we were in bed, we got a message from Hermana Perez saying we had to keep resting for one more day, because my back wasn’t improving. That was super frustrating. And now here I am on Tuesday chilling waiting to see what is going to happen.
But the beginning of the week we did some things! We had a FHE with a family on Monday, and then on Tuesday it was my companion’s birthday! So that was fun!
I had a lot of time to study this week, which was a blessing. I read A LOT of Jesus the Christ, and I loved being able to study Him and His life. It really helped me feel better about being stuck in the apartment. We also had angels come visit us (AKA the Jaimes family). We were so blessed even though we were suffering! I am hoping this week that we will be able to work really hard! We will see.
I love you all lots. I am so grateful for all of you 🙂

Sister Elisyn Kay Hong
(Sorry the text is weird.  I will try to fix it when I am home- Deb)
Day one of no leaving the house…
Day two, starting to get bored
Day three brought my angels, the Jaimes family!
Day four, got to take the sacrament
Day 5, this is really old… And my mom will worry because today is p-day….
Celebratory breakfast, we got to leave the house!
Isn’t my companion the best?
I love the Jaimes family angels!



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