Week 28: “compared to God”

“Man is nothing; yet we are everything to God” (President Uchtdorf).

Sabe que? The spacebar on the keyboard is super dumb, so that is why everything is all messed up. I am trying. LO SIENTO. Also I wrote a nice poem to share today, and I forgot my notebook. WHooops.

Update on my back: Thank you to everyone who fasted and prayed for me this week. It helped tons for sure. Really I received a lot of blessings thanks to your prayers. I don’t quite know how to explain it. My back improved tons, but it still seems like it should hurt, but it doesn’t. SO I know your prayers and everything are helping lots! I was able to leave the apartment this week, which was AWESOME. But then we had a lot of other crazy things happen that prevented us from working 100%.

On Tuesday we had half of a P-day and then district meeting. But we didn’t end up having the meeting because my district leader has some crazy health problems, and had to go to the hospital. Then my back started hurting TONS, so we went home and just chilled for a bit until I was ready to go. while we were in the apartment, the office elders (Yes mom Elder Dillon was one of them) showed up with a package from my fam and a bunch of letters. I seriously have the best friends and family. THank yo uall so much. The office elders were here in Victoria to come pick up my DL, because of his health. He ended up going home, so we are all sad about that. He was a really good guy.

On Wednesday all our appointments fell through, and we had our first clase de ingles en la tarde, entonces no tuvimos m ucho exito.

On Thursday we had all our plans to go visit all our investigators that we hadn’t seen in a freaking week, but then we got a text from the guy who was going to install our AC, saying that he was finally back from Chile and was on his way to install our AC. So we ended up having to wait for him to show up and install everything. SO we didn’t leave again that morning….. THen after he had been working on our ac for like two hours, our landlord called and said that we couldn’t install an AC, because our contract says we can’t….. so then we had to call the mission offices and there was a bunch of drama, and in the end we still don’t have AC……. Then in the afternoon we left for divisiones con the STLs in Paraná. ANd we had an adventure with that tooooooooo. We got to the terminal, and this other bus driver told us that our bus broke down, so it wasnt going to show up. He offered to drive us half way, and then another bus would take us the other half, and we were like okay sweeeeeet. So we got on the bus and left and had no idea, really, what was going on. But we eventually arrived in Paraná.

On Friday we had divisiones. It went really well. I worked with Hermana Logan. She is super chill.

Saturday we had an art class that we are sponsoring in the morning. We found this less active sister and she said she wanted to offer an art class for the members, so we were like sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. It is awesome. I learned that I suck at drawing freaking birds. Then we had our district meeting that afternoon whooot. And then we had a noche de hogar with the rama.

On Sunday we went to church and then in the afternoon we went and v isited everyone finally hahahhaha.


I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I am trying to serve God better each day! I love the gospel and all of you!

Sister Elisyn Kay Hong

churro heaven
Churro Heaven
Hermana Logan
Splits with Hermana Logan
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One thought on “Week 28: “compared to God”

  1. I’m so sad that your back was hurting but so happy to see the Lord working in your life! Thanks for fasting and prayers on your behalf. The Lord listens and blesses us, we just need to ask in faith !! Keep up the good work, I’m proud of you😘


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