Week 29: “When through the deep waters I call thee to go…..”

“The rivers of sorrow shall not thee o’erflow,
For I will be with thee, thy troubles to bless,
And sanctify to thee, and sanctify to thee,
And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress” (How Firm a Foundation, verse 4).

Well I am still here, alive and well, and using the keyboard of doooooooom. Not much has changed when it comes to the back. It is still super up and down, but what can you do???? You can only suffer with joy. Lucky me I have quite a bit to be joyful about. I love this gospel it is so good. I love my Heavenly F ather so much. He has blessed me so much. I am so lucky to be able to share this message with all the people out here in Victoria!

This week we were actually able to teach and find a few people. We are teaching a new family: Belen and her husbad Luciano, and their three sons. We are going to do a FHE with them this week, so we will see how that goes. The husband seems to have a lot of interest! Then we have Yanina and her family. We had a FHE with her and her family this last week that went pretty well! We are trying to build a relationship with her family and her husband, because she says that her husband usually scares missionaries and the like away…….. But he has been super friendly with us so vamos a ver. We also found Jose Maria again this week, and he remembers EVERYTHING including that he is preparing to get baptized! So things are going pretty well out here despite all the back probs.

Also la Familia Jaimes is the best. We spent a bit of time with them this week, because we were doing a service for Hermana Jaimes (aka helping her cook and stuff hahahaha) and because my companion didn’t feel too good and couldn’t work one hundred percent , but still wanted to leave the house hahaha. We made bread, canelones, french toast, pancakes, tacos, and asado with them hahahahah. It was a good week.

Also here’s the poem I promised you all.
My Father

My Father made a
See-through blue curtain
And hung it up
In the sky.

At midday
The sun’s rays would
Sneak in and bake us.
Occasionally my Father
Pulled back the curtain
And blew a puff of air in,
Making the trees s pin
And the canyons sigh.

When the sun got tired,
My Father would tuck it in
With a blanket
Of my favorite colors:
Pink, purple, orange, and red,
And sing it a lullaby
Accompanied by
Quiet crickets
And footsteps scurrying home
Until the sun closed its eyes.

In the absence of light,
The curtain turned
A deep black.
But Father,
Knowing I’m afraid of the dark,
Took a needle,
Poked a million holes
In the curtain,
And stood on the other side,
And His Truth and Goodness,
Life and Light
Beamed brightly enough
That little stars appeared
In my night’s sky.

Just barely
I kneeled at my bedside
And thanked my Father
For making the trees dance
And the mountains laugh,
For directing our evening’s
Symphony number eight,
And for being a caring Father
Who helped me overcome my fears.

As I finished my childlike prayer,
He bent down,
For just a small moment,
To hug me and remind me
That I will forever be
His daughter.
Then He slipped back
Behind the speckled curtain
To paint the next day’s sky,
To write tomorrow’s masterpiece,
And to prepare my mansion there,
On the other side.

Dinner with Familia Jaimes
Dinner with the Familia Jaimes
Bellezas Hermanas Hong and Maidana
Bellezas Hermana Maidana and Hermana Hong
French toast
French toast?
Lisi, Hermana Jaimes and pan
Lisi with sweet Hermana Jaimes, and bread

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